Rachel's Legacy
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About Rachel

Rachel Heffner was an artist, musician, and dancer! She loved life and lived every day to the fullest. She believed that the quality of life was so much more important than quantity.  Although she had cystic fibrosis, Rachel did not act sick and she would not let anyone treat her as such.

Rachel as a UWF nursing student, age 20

Rachel was a high school honor student. She was very active in the Student Government Association and played the viola with the Escambia County School District, the Escambia County Youth Orchestra, and the elite Switched on Baroque ensemble. Rachel loved her church youth group and especially enjoyed youth trips and retreats. She studied classical ballet for ten years as a child and resumed ballet classes in college.

In college, Rachel lived a very active life. She lived in campus housing at first and later enjoyed apartment living with her friends. She worked for Student Activities on campus and continued her studies to ultimately pursue a degree in nursing.

Most of all, Rachel wanted to give back to the community that invested so much heart in her care. Rachel Heffner dreamed of becoming a nurse.  She had a twenty-year knowledge base from personal experience that drove the passion she had to help others.

It was Rachel's desire that other young women with a need and in good academic standing continue her legacy to become nurses.

Rachel and her best friend in college, Yaritza

With friends in Scotland

Senior in high school
Rachel Heffner
Glamour shot, age 15
Rachel and her mother
Rachel, age 8


Rachel Heffner Memorial Endowment Scholarship